Workflow is a tool which can be included in home grown applications to help the user create processes and actions based on their specific system without being a developer.

Quickly create new Workflows

Add conditional statements

Add action events if condition is true

Add action events if condition is false

Objectives and Obstacles

The main goal for this tool was to give our Stat Solutions users an easy to use UI to invoke certain actions for system events based off of their specific conditional criteria. Any user with the proper editing credentials now has access to determine how their application interacts with the data, devices, and events within their specific environment.

Issues solved

Initially, certain system settings, events, and actions required the expertise of a developer or at the very least a lengthy phone call or possibly an onsite visit from an experienced installation specialist to reach the full potential of the application. To put this power back into the hands of the users, a simple to use UI was designed and developed. Users now have the ability to select the event and choose conditional operators leading to specific actions all from an easy to use canvas which features real time building.

Option Cards

By utilizing option cards instead of drop down selects anytime options where a single choice from a possibility of 3-5 options I greatly simplified and improved the overall user experience.

How this helped

  • User is immediately aware of all possible options.

  • Larger touch points

  • Easily identifiable icons

  • Less clicks

Conclusions and Reactions

After the launch the internal sales team quickly realized the potential this application add-on offered their clients and no other competing application on the market offered this solution to the user.

How it was built

This project was accomplished by creating several reusable Vue.js components which communicate through the apps API built in Laravel. I used a config file which contains objects for the event selected. Once the user selects their desired event to manipulate the object inside, then the config file is loaded which exposes it’s object and helps to build out the components needed on the front end. Utilizing dynamic components I was able to maintain a DRY method when determining which component or field type to show when and also which options are made available to the user. The main component utilizes a recursive component allowing a user endless possibilities and can literally contain an infinite amount of conditions and actions to perform.

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